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WEBSITE, a best-selling book on Amazon, was the first in the series “Marketing Hotels & Tourism”. It is a chronicle of how to build, repurposed, optimize and re-focus your website as a vital part of an overall integrated brand strategy.

WEBSITE incorporates two decades of wisdom and shares essential resources and knowledge for the digital age. This is a very timely book as tourism struggles with its most significant decline in the history of travel and the uncertainty in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Website Strategy for Troubled times
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Sharpen Digital Media Skills

sharpening your digital skills
Sharpen your “Digital Skills” and “Website Strategy” for the post-pandemic tourism revival. Click above for details.

The future of hotel and tourism marketing is digital. Everything is going online. The COVID-19 curfew saw more business going to the internet that ever before. Automation, integration and intelligent systems are the order of the day for now and into the future.

Travel is becoming more and more driven by Artificial Intelligence and countless updates to search and social media marketing. RankBrain, Voice and innovation in every aspect of tourism will predominate. Search ranking, advertising and marketing will see a greater emphasis on Websites as they become a vital asset of the brand. This requires a re-focus and rethinking of integrated design and brand strategy.

Your WEBSITE is Essential to Your Brand Success

As marketing, media and technology become more integrated, brands are under increased pressure to differentiate and personalise in the face of major changes and the dominance of Search Engines, OTAs and Social Media operatives. Too frequently small business owners think: “I do not require an internet website. OTAs and social networks have replaced the need for a brand’s own website”. This is not prudent reasoning. OTAs and Social Media are brands that, above all, promote themselves. If you are not cautious, your brand will become a commodity.

It is prudent to be prepared and employ appropriate website strategies that will build your brand. Get ready now and implement the effective Branding & Website Strategy After Covid19.

Google Search Soars in the Pandemic

“People are relying on Google’s services more than ever and we’ve marshaled our resources and product development in this urgent moment.” Source: Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google.

In fact, Google Search, YouTube, and Cloud drove Alphabet’s revenues up 13% over the same period a year ago. Not many companies had that sort of experience, which just goes to show that Search is a key criteria in troubled times and is vital for your website and brand. Travel ads have taken a hit and that is going to be reflected in the next quarterly report. For example, Expedia Group Chairman, Barry Diller, advised that, “it would most likely spend just a fifth of its annual advertising budget during 2020.”  In spite of this, it is important to note that, while total ad revenue was down, people are still looking for organic search results.

The book, WEBSITE, explains why it is important for hotel and tourism companies to get listed and get found on Google. It provides illustrated examples and case studies of what works and why.

Google Reduces Hotels Ads Commission to 5%

In a goodwill effort to help hotels and tourism operators during the shutdown of tourism, Google has lowered its Cost Per Action (CPA) on Search to 5%. This option is in the menu – Dashboard > CPA Cockpit.
It is not permanent and is expected to expire sometime in the next few months. In the meantime, it’s a significant move for hotels to get onboard Google Hotel Ads now and check it out.

Commissions pay-per-action (CPA) gives you a percentage of booking value only when a traveller books your hotel. This is now an option in Hotel Ads where you pay for the ad by commission of a cost per click. See details at

Tourism After COVID-19 Recovery

As I introduce this video, we are still in the curfew days of COVID-19. Tourism will certainly recover and now is a great time to discover more about marketing in the digital age.

The future will be all online and technology-driven. Technology does not have to be confusing. It is simply a tool to help you cope with the increasing complexity of marketing and an increasingly integrated age.

ipad- kindle ebook website
WEBSITE is an easy to read conversational book that strips away jargon and makes it all easy to understand.

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An Evolving Landscape

Of course, it is an ever-evolving landscape.  In the height of the lock-down, some interesting trends have emerged. An example is the surge in online activity and virtual meeting.

Zoom, the online webinar, sharing, video conferencing and meeting software, has soared during the pandemic. Users are spending more time sharing screens and having virtual birthday parties and meetings of all kinds. It’s an example of how the internet is more vital that ever. Also of interest is the fact that Zoom reached out to Oracle to meet the extraordinary demand for its cloud-based service. Amazon and Microsoft did not measure up, they say. That says a lot for the status quo. Source: CNBC 

Everything can change!

We will be following trends and research and giving all “WEBSITE” and “DIGITAL MEDIA” book buyers access to our free membership, along with current updates. This will include the latest from top research sites such as FocusWire, as well as leading strategists in tourism and hospitality.

For all who get the book now  – it’s Free and you can also take advantage of the free access to bonus content which you can find at:

I will be adding content related to Post-COVID-19 strategies. See latest updates on Marketing Hotels and Tourism OnlineMarkhat

Caribbean Recovery

The Caribbean is looking at a soft opening of hotels that are currently closed by August. The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), is taking a proactive approach to opening up tourism ASAP.  “CHTA’s survey of members, which was completed on April 15th, also shows that 69 percent of the region’s hotels, which are presently closed, anticipate reopening between now and the end of July.” All this depends on the public being willing and able to get on an airplane and travel beyond the confines of home. Some may consider the Caribbean and other resort island destination to be safer than home.

In fact we have seen a spike in traffic to Barbados in the early stages, as travellers rather liked the idea of being in their villa on the beach. St. Lucia is exploring the idea of  “enhancing peace of mind” by creating enclaves and hotel where the staff live on the premises rather than travel freely on the island. This, in conjunction with increased testing and top medical facilities, may well encourage travellers to escape to the islands.

As they say at CHTA: “Now is the time to take a critical inventory of all aspects of our business operation from the eyes of the traveller and to ask ourselves, ‘are we providing peace of mind’?”

Creating Peace of Mind

Are your health safety protocols considering every possible encounter point between employees, with guests and suppliers and vendors who are on property? What measures are in place to demonstrate health safety procedures during check-in and checkout, in the elevator, around the pool and beach, in the restaurant and around the bar and nightclub? Are your guest activities and amenities ‘safe’? Do you need to suspend certain activities like spa services for now? Source: CHTA Resource Center

Rethinking Travel

PhocusWire asks the question: what if their was a better way to travel? It is a provocative question that challenges the time-wasting and herding inefficiencies of the entire air travel process. It asks how can we improve speed and efficiency so that we are not herding people through check-in, security and immigration processes for the air travel experience:

  • What may happen if the existing travel process can be revolutionized to reduce congestion.
  • Why not have passengers screened even before arriving at the airport?
  • Can airport queues be avoided, even during peak hours?

The current airline travel experience makes it extremely vulnerable to the spreading of viruses. New systems are required to make travel more resilient in a pandemic crisis. The solution may well transform travel and tourism globally with significant benefits in reducing overtourism and making it more sustainable. Modern advances in AI, mobile computing, data analysis and applied bio-metrics can make this a reality. Source:

The Cure for Overtourism

COVID-19 provides an opportunity for destinations to make long overdue smart and sustainable tourism decisions.

Stay Safe & Avoid Unnecessary Contact

Stay Safe door Poster

This is a handy Door Poster that you can print out and leave for delivery services. We will continue to see a great increase in all forms of shopping online and all have to be delivered or picked up. Hope this helps. E-commerce is now essential and online commerce and adverting has already overtaken all other forms of media. The future is digital, that means online and in the cloud. Source Markhat – Digital Media Now!      

Is Your Brand Ready?

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