The Story Behind Rogues in Paradise

The Story Behind Rogues in Paradise is the Story of the making of Rogues in Paradise. It is almost as intriguing as the book itself.

The Book Rogues in Paradise is the upcoming true Caribbean saga by Ian R. Clayton that is abuzz in the Media. Reviews say it sets a new standard for travel literature as it combines journalistic research & reporting, lyrical storytelling, history, place, and culture with travel memoirs and literature.

the story of rogues in paradoise
a story that gets deep in history and heritage and its influence on people and culture with a fun and lyrical account of the people. From Rogues to Heroes


In the latest Blog about  Rogues in Paradise, Clayton explains:

 “After 20 years of travel blogging and developing the very first Caribbean Digital Tourism Encyclopedia, I set out to describe the people of Barbados and capture their wit and humour.

What intrigued me most was why, after centuries of slavery, Bajans were so inclusive, welcoming, and full of fun. I wanted to capture and understand the special characteristics of these remarkable people. In the process, I started a life journey with more books on character and meaning to come.”


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Barbados history and the black experience

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