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Calum Glenny Avid TravellerCalum Glenny is a valued partner of Rogues Caribbean  Guides and brings his travel experiences to the fore through regularly writing travel blogs. Since retiring as Chief Superintendent with Police Scotland, Calum has used his extensive experience in the planning, delivery, safety, security and policing of major events and venues throughout the UK, Barbados, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia in a consultative role.

Calum’s initial blog on Barbados was picked up and published internationally by Barbados Today and used as a means of highlighting the struggle small local businesses faced coming out of the lockdowns imposed during the worldwide pandemic.

After positive feedback and encouragement, Calum moved on and wrote a blog about a walk through his hometown in Gourock, Scotland. He has gone on to write further blogs on the links below:

Many of Calum’s blogs provide an international flavour, covering some exotic locations visited with his wife, family, and friends since his retirement. Within his blogs, he highlights the very best of services experienced and recommends restaurants and experiences, more often than not off the beaten track. Some blogs are more personal and identify local people who excel in business and offer the best products or services. Always respectful of privacy, Calum pushes out individual and business names to fellow travellers. 

Christened the ‘Avid Traveller’ by Rogues Guides, the name has stuck, with readers eagerly awaiting his next location. Many ask the simple question, ‘Where next?’

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The Book –  Rogues In Paradise

Rogues in Paradise


A thoughtful, funny, and provocative story of the people of Barbados.

It is an evolving story that explores and explains surprising truths about its history, heritage, and culture.

Filling in the real story not told in the usual narrative of history written by the colonialists who enslaved its people.




Memories of people, place, and circumstance, set in reality, imagined in history, told with an open heart and a searching soul.