The New Frontier Travel Personalization – Matchmaker

This fascinating article spells out what is expected to be the next wave of technology and Artificial Intelligence in travel and tourism. It features the main contenders which include Travelsify, Traitify and the Matchmaker.Travel persona branding and personality matching engine that pairs hotels with travelers by personality

The New Frontier Travel Personalization – Matchmaker >>>

matchmaker for travel the new frontier

The blog explains the growing importance of the new breed of Artificial Intelligent systems that build on the expert knowledge of professional psychologist, and others, who have studies the human condition. This is now being applied to travel in a way that infers deep meaning and goes beyond matching travelers with hotels by amenities, price and location. These traditional matching attributes have been the primary way travelers search and find properties. But research shows that they do not describe the experience which is what travelers want.

As they say “Amenities are not what travelers dream of and they do not describe the experience. To fulfill dreams hotel search needs to understand the psychology of the traveler and predict their travel aspirations. The new personalization solution know this and have unique and innovative ways to create personal vacation experiences that resonate with the psyche.”