Instagram Tutorials For Travel Hospitality

Not Another “How to” Instagram Tutorial

There are hundreds of articles featuring Instagram “How To” information and ultimate guides to marketing hotels and tourism on Instagram. The majority of Instagram Tutorials For Travel Hospitality,  are missing the essential value of Instagram. Of course it is visual and yes video is overtaking photography for engagement and reach.  That needs little elaboration except to say that  the fundamental of Instagram are actually more to do with Authenticity, Passion, Character and Mission.  These traits are all to often over looked in Instagram Instagram Tutorials For Travel Hospitality!

antennas for brand messages on travel hospitality
Mellennials and the new digital citizens see through sham and self interest with antennas bigger than Hubble and quickly spot in-authentic messages

A New Paradigm

The power of Instagram is all to do with psychology based on  traits and their implication. Its best exemplified by who are their fastest growing market: Millennials! That means experience rather than things matter. Brand differential is no longer about place, price,  packaging and promotion. That type of message is a turn-off to today’s tech savvy digital citizen. They see through sham and self interest with antennas bigger than Hubbles TDRS systems.

Likewise  decor and building are valuable only if they denote relevant and matching character. That said, a well executed video that entertains will engage with the right people if it touches them in meaningful way. Getting that right is an art and understanding how to market the experience rather that a set of defined features, amenities and benefits.

Nano Tutorials to the Point

Marketing hotels and tourism is rolling out a set of short multi series video that show why and how this matters. The founders have embarked on an Instagram project that focuses on people character and lifestyle. It  is just getting off the ground but its fine-tuned focus is perfect for the digital age of travel consumers looking for experiences that match.  It serves as an example of fine tuning the message to a niche and of things to come.

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