How the music industry helps business create power brands with sonic branding

Sonic branding is not new but it seems to be taking on new life as the music industry looks for new ways to use music in branding and revitalize an industry in change. Music fans too are part of the revolution as they move to sharing sites and with them music distribution shifts to the internet.

One of the new avenues for musicians, artists and music executives is to help industry of all sizes and types engage more with emotive authentic brands using music and sonic branding in their messaging. Coke showed the way with I want to buy the world a Coke and has never turned back.

The book The Band and The Brand is about to be published and its Author Laura Montarroso is inviting marketers, artist, musicians and music executives to register for a peak preview and get on the list for the release and receive the pre-launch bonuses, The book looks at what is happening in both corporate branding and music industry. It looks at the successful sonic branding companies, examples, solutions, opportunities and problems in a concise and easy to read manner.

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