The Depravity of War – In Verse

Here is a short verse on The Depravity of War

“War destroys the planet- pumping greenhouse gases into our air, changing climate,  increasing global warming. It pulverizes cities, people, and all life, but they dont care. War is greedy and self-serving, caring naught for those who disagree. It does not discriminate, dropping bombs and missiles everywhere, killing hundreds to get at one. How do we stop it when all the might and power rest in the hands of those with much to gain? Perpetuating their cause, like selling lethal weapons to both sides. Profiting from ending lives, money down the drain, it is all just so insane.”

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by Author  Ian R. Clayton:

The Depravity of War is taken from “How War is Destroying our Universe,” which is part of a long article on the Hamass Isreal War. It covers media reports and original thoughts on forgiveness, understanding, and reconciliation against hate and revenge. It explores issues of hope and ways to aid the suffering.

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