Barbados Family Holidays With Toddler Maxie

In this blog post, the Avid Traveller, Calum Glenny, shares the excitement of taking his Barbados Family Holidays with Toddler Maxie. Toddler Maxie was on her first vacation to Barbados. Maxie is warmly cared for by friendly staff throughout their adventures on the island. Calum reflects on the familiar faces they encounter each year at Miami Beach, noting that visitors from Canada, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom return annually and extend their stays in Barbados. Drawing inspiration from Ian R. Clayton’s book “Rogues in Paradise,” Culum described the atmosphere at Miami Beach as camaraderie and shared laughter among genuinely lovely and helpful people, making lasting memories.

The holiday/vacation was full of surprises, like a day at the race track,like  winning some bets at the horse racing track, the Oistins fish racing at sunset

And especially their time at Miami Beach in Oistins Bay. Of particular note were the beautiful friendships forged over time, which emphasized the inclusive nature of Bajans and Miami Beach, which cater to all ages and comfort levels. Notably, the beach offers a tranquil lagoon area, perfect for young children or those seeking respite from the main beach’s waves. Maxie particularly relished floating in the calm waters, accompanied by gentle turtles and schools of fish.

toddler maxie takes a dip in the Caribbean Ocean
Barbados family holidays with maxie


friendle bajs keen to help outOne could not help but notice how local young Bajan business entrepreneurs thrive. Liam at Cottage Meats (the best sausage breakfast cutter on the island) continues to produce top-class products sold in retailers throughout Barbados and hopefully soon beyond.

We brought Liam a bottle of Bruichladdich (pronounced Brook-laddie), my favourite malt whisky from the progressive Hebridean distillery on the Scottish island of Islay. How ironic Bruichladdich is now owned by Remy Cointreau, whose liqueurs & spirits division hosts eight brands, including Mount Gay rum from Barbados. Having one of my favorite rums linked with the single malts of Bruichladdich, including Port Charlotte and Octomore, plus the excellent Botanist gin, is heaven-made for me.

But Maxie skipped those indulgences and happily dipped her toes in the sea and lazed in the shade at Miami beach.

Barbados Family Holidays - Miami beach at oistines


Video By Rogues in Paradise


The book Rogues in Paradise By Author Ian R Clayton