Avid Traveller Guide to Gourock, Scotland

Calum Glenny Wanders through his hometown of Gourock, Scotland

Gourock, a charming coastal town in Scotland, is the subject of this travel blog, where author Calum Glenny takes us on an exciting journey of his hometown. The adventure begins at Kempock Street’s transport terminus – home to both Farmers Market and Pierhead Gardens, with historical landmarks that offer visitors an immersive experience into Gourock’s past.

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As we move along Kempock Street, our guide introduces us to bars like Cleats or Buckleys and Cafe Continental, serving delicious food options for all tastes! We also learn about local spirits, including Shipyard Gin and future releases from Ardgowan Distillery- making it clear why so many people love living here! With its rich history, modern amenities, and friendly locals, there is something special waiting around every corner in Gourock!

The blog provides insight into the Granny Kempock Stone, a Neolithic relic shrouded in mystery. It also recommends food shops such as Aulds The Bakers Made In Italy and Wildfire for those looking to indulge their taste buds. For fashion enthusiasts, boutiques like Straps Alexa Blu Reds Footwear offer unique styles that can’t be found elsewhere. Other attractions include gift stores Coorie In Seagull Gallery showcasing local artisans’ work while takeaways Chinese Indian restaurants offer delicious cuisine options, including Nicos Pizzeria. With so much on offer, this town has something for everyone!

Gourock is a town that offers convenience at every turn – from hairdressers and convenience stores to dry cleaning services. But beyond these practical amenities lies something extraordinary: the Gourock Outdoor Pool, which holds claim as Scotland’s oldest heated swimming pool! This historic landmark dates back centuries and remains an iconic attraction for locals and visitors alike. Additionally, nearby stands another treasure in honor of those who fought bravely during wartime- The Gourock War Memorial. Last but certainly not least is what many consider one of Gourrocks most stunning features; its promenade overlooking the river, where you can catch glimpses of yachts sailing by while also spotting wildlife, such as seals or porpoises frolicking about in their natural habitat.

Gourock has a rich history and culture that can be explored through its various landmarks such as Cragburn Gate flats, Spinnaker Hotel or Ashton Stores. The author suggests taking advantage of the town’s picturesque views by walking along its waterfront towards Royal Gourock Yacht Club & McInroys Point, which offer access to Dunoon via Western Ferries or Argyll Ferries, respectively. Along this journey, readers will discover numerous local shops, restaurants & bars that make up an integral part of what makes Gourock unique.

The author invites readers to explore Gourock and promises that a stroll through its streets will bring joy despite not being as warm as Barbados or Frigiliana. They urge us all to give this town an opportunity for ourselves.

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