Are Blogs Dying as SEO

I follow Ryann Deiss and subscribe to his digital marketing newsletter and mastermind. First came across him when he was predicting the end of the net as we know it and stressing future dominated by a few big business. its playing out now. His latest outsider view is that Blogs are being ignored by Google to large extent. He has the statistics to prove it too. You need to read this article, but, remember Ryann is in the business of selling marketing services and information. He gives away a lot of free stuff and its good value to belong to his groups, at least i find it so.

Ryann takes edgy positions on things and does a lot of research and testing to support his hypotheses. Things change rapidly in this business and what G does one day may be reversed the next. We see blogs working for us at this time. But clearly other things like Social Networking, videos and building authority are becoming more and more important in travel marketing.

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