Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia has just published a page on the Best Caribbean Picnic Beaches, of course they are all on the lovely island of Barbados, which is noted for having miles and miles of white sandy beaches. Many of Barbados beaches are among the best in the world. But check it out for yourself here

Beach Classifications

All beaches are classified with helpful hints about swimming conditions and ambiance. Like Cove bay – “A lovely Picnic spot on the north-east of the island is know for its quiet calm and beautiful scenery”

You will find beaches for every taste and picnic style. From Invigorating rugged scenery, wave riding beaches, beaches with family friendly surf, sandy oasis, shady places, secret places and dedicated chill out beaches by a calm lapping ocean.

As they say “From coast to coast there’s no shortage of options for a lovely picnic by the sea! Whether you’re visiting for a day or few weeks, be sure to take the time to experience a beach picnic true Barbadian style! Popular picnic fare includes our much loved macaroni pie, fish, ham or cheese cutters, fried / baked chicken, etc, topped off with refreshing local beverages like mauby or an ice-cold snow cone! So pack a picnic lunch or grab some of these tasty local delicacies from a nearby restaurant or vendor, spread a blanket on the beautiful white sands or table cloth on the picnic benches provided and enjoy! At select beaches, you may also be able to rent beach chairs and large umbrellas if that’s your preference.”

Beach Map Island Trip Planner

The Page also has an interactive map showing where each beach is located so you can plan a day trip to see the sunrise at Bathsheba on the east – head of in any direction for a picnic on your preferred beach and swing by the west coast to see the sunset.

Source Best Picnic Beaches

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Caribbean Tourism has always been promoted as islands of sun, sand and sea, but things are changing. The head in the sand attitude is slowing opening up to its heritage and culture. In the latest promotions by Barbados we see its feet of clay as it digs into the earth to uncover a fascinating diversity of history, architecture, and art. The islands pulses with music, crafts and an endless beat of dance. This article looks at its heritage in clay and its amazing organic pottery arts influenced by an eclectic mix of people, cultures and technique.

With Head in Sand Caribbean Heritage has Feet in Clay
How the Caribbean SunTan Tourism finds gold in its heritage of mud.



In this thoughtful and fun review HolidayHotelReviews gives the low down on what’s great and maybe not so great about visiting the Animal Flower Cave on a family holiday. Kids love it because they just have fun being underground with the sea raging beside them as they discover secret pools and tiny caves just for them. But the report cautions families that it may not be suitable for all, and seniors who have any balance issues will find it slippery in places and hard to get around. It’s well worth a visit otherwise and there is a fun story about one adventure that we think you will enjoy! See Blog here



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