Sugar Cane research was pioneered in the Caribbean with Barbados taking the lead in propagating new varieties of the plants, from seeds. The island was the first to understand that the cane arrow seeds could be used to plant hybreds of cane.

For years research focused on developing climate adaptive and pest resident strains. That has developed into to the point where sugar cane research is seeding an eco-future. It’s a far reaching examination of alternative products and uses that includes the entire plant, husks, fibers, fruit as well as by-products of the sugar and rum manufacturing. Some of the by products are ethanol used as fuel and pulp that can be made into various products.

Barbados established the worlds first sugar cane research laboratory in 1858. It specialized in propagation specific qualities. In the early the plants were developed and test over many years and the successful outcrops were given to farmers to plant and harvest. They reported which had desired properties and offered best yield, easy of use and resistance. Sugar can is still vital to the sugar and rum industry, but today its by products are helping to replace fossil fuels and plastics.

The lab, research, cane fields, rum and sugar have been a fascinating attraction to travelers and vacation who travel to learn about heritage and culture. It’s now also interesting as cane finds new life and purpose in helping to save the environment.

See more on Sugar Cane Research Seeding Eco-Future at

More on Barbados Sugar and Rum go here

More Lifestyle and Learning Holidays

anchor text, digital footprint

Here we show  How to Fix Bad Anchor Text links. In the previous blog I explained what bad balance anchor text is and how to avoid it. But it may be already to late to avoid it if you have already got unnatural links pointing back to your site. In the video I show exactly how to go about fixing those bad links. This level of detail is referred to in chapter two on my Book Digital Media but the explanation you see here is only available as a bonus to book buyers.

To reiterate what you see in the Video on How to Fix Bad Anchor Text is as follows: You may have to ask Google to delete bad links – They call that disavow and the links is in the video and repeated below. In most cases you just need to balance the anchortext by adding more links that are generic and not keyword specific. This will dilute the percentage of keyword-laden Anchor text.

Resources – Examples:

– Google Disavow Tool

– Balance Links with more semantic Words
-Create more good links with generic words, & semantic phrases or unrelated words. Examples are: Click Here – Go to website – Get more Info -See what John says etc.

-Add Some Brand Links
– not too many 3-5% and if your brand is your keyword dont use it to balance.
Use Your Brand Name – Domain Name – URL

For complete details and review of Chapter 2 and your  Digital Footprint see MarketingHotelsTourism

Amazon Book May be Purchased here:
Digtal Media Marketing For Hotels &a Tourism


This video is a short version of the Fatal Mistakes to Avoid in Your Digital Footprint Review Video. That video is an in depth explanation of how to balance your digital footprint and why you must. it is a brief review of Chapter 2 of the book Digital Media Marketing: The second book in the series Marketing Hotels and Tourism Online by Ian R Clayton.Here you will learn how to avoid the most serious and fatal mistake that marketers and publishers make when writing content and posting blogs and bookmarks to promote their brand.

See the complete video here.

how to balance your digital footprint
how to balance your digital footprint and why you must

Your digital footprint is the sum of all your online activity. Everything you do leaves an impression of who you are and of your brand. Brands are understanding that they must engage in building content about their products and services using online media. This is content marketing.

Together with what you do on social media, what publication and directory mention you (citations) and who is talking about you, content marketing is a vital part of your personal and your brand digital footprint. It cannot be ignored but you must do it right and the rules have changed.

Ian’s Book Digital Media Marketing is the most current resource and guide on how to use the digital media so that you don’t repeat the common mistakes that many hotel and tourism marketers, owners and managers make.

Be sure to view the complete video and click the image above to learn more about how to harness the new online media. Online advertising is now greater that all others forms of advertising including TV. If you are not employing the latest digital strategies you will miss the boat. Don’t get left behind, learn how to balance your digital footprint now.


Previous Book  By Ian R. Clayton- WEBSITE

personality branding, TravelWatchNews

Booking Engines Doomed by Personality Matching
Personality Matching Set to Replace Hotel Search and Make Travel more Personal

Complex Impersonal Systems Frustrate Travelers

The problem with booking engines is that they are old legacy system steeped in archaic technology built long ago. This blog  “Booking Engines doomed by personality matching”,  shows how artificial intelligence and new  psychologically based filtering are making travel & hotel search and booking more personal.  It is not, however, an easy fix: The big problem is that legacy hotel and travel booking systems are very complex. One cannot easily fix thousands of page of code that were essentially built to do the wrong thing. Also understanding emotions and personality is an entirely different skill set that requires considerable knowledge and expertise in psychology, motivation and behaviour.

Brands Get Personal

That is why brands such as Marriott & Accord  are outsourcing the latest travel matching to psychologists and personality branding professionals. What we have now is a host of new technology providers setting up shop to provide front ends to existing booking systems.

Booking engines doomed by personality matching
Personality matching is key to perfect holiday experience

Learning From Instagram

The old way is to treat hotel rooms and activities as products when the travelers are seeking experiences. But that is not the only fly in the ointment. The old technology cannot easily integrate the fast multi dimensional filtering being implemented today on dynamic and nimble platforms. They are also not able to understand and render graphics like an Instagram, which is what travelers want today. That is a perfect example of how technology has changed and how the gap between old ways and news ways has widened.

Instagram shot up out of nowhere it seems, but it actually came about as a result of technology capacity and platform changes that could now be configured to fill a need. Over 600 million people use Instagram, generating 4.2 billion likes daily while sharing sharing about 95 million photos. See National Geographic on the rise of Instagram.

Personality Matching - The New Holidays Search & Booking Engine
Source – National Geographics

Instagram users are more engaged compared to the other social networks, including as Facebook and Twitter. It has a 2.3% engagement rate per follower compared to Facebook at 0.2% per follower and Twitter 0.03%. They stay longer and do more! We have heard this echoed by PersonaHolidays with their massive improvement in visitor engagement when intuitive and ultra fast visual filtering was added. The new approach provided  a Visual Online Review and more personalized recommendation. It is highly favoured by travelers and more evidence  of “Booking Engines Doomed by Personality Matching”.

Nuclear Search Algorithms Personalize Vacations

Travelers want choice but do not want to wade through pages of non relative content and that is changing now with the new Nuclear search systems. The latest  hotel search technology takes advantage of  algorithms and techniques that are used in chemical and nuclear science.  Matching personality is similar to sorting and solving complex chemical relationships and combination. The parts are dynamic, evolving and exponential! Advanced technology is need to filter, order and pair vast amounts of data and endless combination intelligently & instantly.

IBMs Watson is another complementary AI technology that understands tone and emotion in communication and replies with appropriate response. Its tone analyzer  can analyze emotions and tones in what people write online, like tweets or reviews. It predicts whether people  are happy, sad, confident and finds  emotional tones  that help determine what stage in the booking process a traveller is in, like if they are just talking about a hotel or actually hopping for one.

Possibilities have Shifted

The point is that technology has shifted what is possible. Lean and adaptive entrepreneurial startups are the first to see the opportunity and build the solutions using modern techniques and platform. The dynamics of the new environment put the old guard at a huge disadvantage. Indeed the new booking engines may well be Instagram and a host of new visual bookings with Psychological Profiling & Matching technology that truly inspire, engage and fascinate travelers.

See  Personality Matching Technology the new visual platforms and hotel personality matching used by PersonaHolidays


creane beach resort

Crane 5 Star Beach Villa Resort Hotel

The Crane 5 Star Beach Villa Resort Hotel is a special place – It sits on a  cliff overlook one of the 10 best beaches in the world. It is  a hotel with rooms, apartments and villas on a spacious ocean front playground in the Caribbean. Its timeshare options rank as a top value destination in the world.  It is not surprising to see it listed by the DestinationBarbados Blog as 5 star escape for couples, singles, family, friends, weddings and occasions of all sorts.

Crane Beach Video Review by HolidayHotel.Reviews

The world class beach is a open to all. it has good surf for body surfing and is safe for swimming, so long as you enjoy the waves. The ocean side  cliffs also are great for jumping off into the sea, but that is not for everyone. To experience the full ambiance of  The Crane Resort you have the option of staying in a villa apartment with its own pool, a hotel room or in the timeshare condominiums. You will enjoy with its  spacious accommodation among beautiful landscaped gardens, outdoor swimming pools, and a multitude of restaurants. The Crane resort also feature a town hall, village shopping, an art gallery, boutiques and a unique holiday lifestyle with jazz and piano bars for late night lounging.

villa style accommodation

For more about the Crane 5 Star Beach Villa Resort Hotel Barbados – see Escape to the Crane Barbados

intimate hotels barbados, TravelWatchNews

 Barbados Affordable Holiday RentalsA long time ago, when there was no AirBNB and the sharing economy was not even a figment of the imagination, Barbados led the Caribbean with  Barbados Affordable Holiday Rentals. Today Intimate Hotel Barbados takes on the mantel of providing the best deals on accommodation that include boutique hotels, villas and apartments  and a complete choice of private homes and accommodations at affordable rates.

boat on the beach close to your affordable holiday accommodation

Intimate Hotels Barbados (IHB)  continues to pioneer in putting together vacation holidays you can afford with its fine selection of lovely guest houses, small hotels, apartments, private villas and vacation rentals of all types. From private homes and condominiums, to villa apartments and full service hotels. Check out the Intimate Hotels of Barbados for budget holidays that will surprise you.

Get details on Destination Barbados Barbados Affordable Vacations

Benefits of Booking with IHB. deal direct for best value and contibute

When you book an apartment villa or any property on the IHB website you are contributing directly to the economy of Barbados. The majority of your Booking dollars go to the island hotels and operators and not to the international Online Travel Agents (OTAs) like Expedia and More dollars stay in the country and go toward investment in tourism facilities and services: All to make your stay the best it can be.

Also IHB is a local company and you are dealing directly with Bajans, hotel owners and hosts who live, right here, on the island. They know Barbados better that anyone and can help you find the best value and the right places to stay to suite your style and budget. They can advise you from personal expSo much to do - get advice from a Bajan holiday host erience on where to stay, where to eat the best local food and gourmet cuisine. They can advise you where to go and what to do.

Barbados has more to do per mile that any other Caribbean Island so come now and explore the hidden coves, the endless beaches, the great houses and plantations along with the artisan villages and fishing coves.

Get Barbados Affordable Holiday Rentals for your next Caribbean Getaway!


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caribbean culture and heritage tourism, TravelWatchNews

Barbados heritage & Culture tourism

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has extended a 20 million $ loan to help develop and market the world class Barbados heritage and culture tourism. It is designed to enhance the specific venues and marketing actives as is outlined in the blog at TravelersInsights IDA World Heritage Report.

Barbados is a UNESCO world Heritage site, designated as such for its outstanding buildings and historic areas including Bridgetown and the Garrison Savannah. “The Barbados Garrison was the largest in the British Colonies in the 18th and 19th centuries. It began with the construction of St. Ann’s Fort in 1705 and grew to include soldiers’ barracks, a parade ground and commissariat.” Source: the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia

The tiny Caribbean island has a vibrant heritage & culture that is distinct in the Caribbean. It is the only island that has been predominantly British since it was colonized in the 16th century. The island rose to great prominence during the sugar and rum trade, becoming the most established and successful of the early planters and the worlds largest exporter of rum at that time. Barbados heritage & culture tourism has become more attractive as travelers seek more than the traditional Caribbean holiday of suntan, beaches and sea. The island has many distinctive features from amazing plantations and stately homes to indigenous arts and craft and a vibrant society noted for its music, dance, theater and  arts.

Barbados is now a very a cosmopolitan country with people who are friendly, fun loving and warm. It is considered one of the top places to live, work and play and has a thriving business community.







This fascinating article spells out what is expected to be the next wave of technology and Artificial Intelligence in travel and tourism. It features the main contenders which include Travelsify, Traitify and the Matchmaker.Travel persona branding and personality matching engine that pairs hotels with travelers by personality

The New Frontier Travel Personalization – Matchmaker >>>

matchmaker for travel the new frontier

The blog explains the growing importance of the new breed of Artificial Intelligent systems that build on the expert knowledge of professional psychologist, and others, who have studies the human condition. This is now being applied to travel in a way that infers deep meaning and goes beyond matching travelers with hotels by amenities, price and location. These traditional matching attributes have been the primary way travelers search and find properties. But research shows that they do not describe the experience which is what travelers want.

As they say “Amenities are not what travelers dream of and they do not describe the experience. To fulfill dreams hotel search needs to understand the psychology of the traveler and predict their travel aspirations. The new personalization solution know this and have unique and innovative ways to create personal vacation experiences that resonate with the psyche.”





Images show before and after Maria images of Scotts Head fishing village

Please CommeSavAidDominica information help is a new website for friends of Dominica and for all who want to help Dominica after it was devastated and left in ruins after Hurricane Maria. 

How You Can Help Dominica Recover From Hurricane Maria

The site sums up the latest news and has an open comment area where anyone can ask question, answer them, add eyewitness account, or update news and pint of interest.  It appears to be the only site of its kind and was one of the first to launch as an aid to care givers and those who wanted to help or know what to do.

Local Resources & Contacts

The site provides contacts and addresses for regional Coast Guards and business who are accepting cloths water, food and supplies and transporting them to Dominica. The neighborhood islands of  Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Jamaica where among the first to offer this service.

Regional & International Funding Agencies

Local funding contacts as well as international agencies such as the red cross contacts are listed. Also listed are various approved crowdfunding sites – both for private families and Dominica in general

How to help

There are also links to how to help and resources about what to do. The latest list of what is needed provided by the Government is also included.

Media & Feedback

The media are links to latest news and displays eye witness video and media coverage of the island as it struggles to cope with the most ferocious hurricane of our time. The comments and feedback section at the bottom of the first page is for those who want to participate or just learn. All interested parties may add their stories and news or just learn from others who have left eye witness accounts or shared helpful information.

Please CommeSave

Comments & Feedback Add your stories, questions and information at Comments

Story of why it was created:

dominica thanks you for helping












Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia has just published a page on the Best Caribbean Picnic Beaches, of course they are all on the lovely island of Barbados, which is noted for having miles and miles of white sandy beaches. Many of Barbados beaches are among the best in the world. But check it out for yourself here

Beach Classifications

All beaches are classified with helpful hints about swimming conditions and ambiance. Like Cove bay – “A lovely Picnic spot on the north-east of the island is know for its quiet calm and beautiful scenery”

You will find beaches for every taste and picnic style. From Invigorating rugged scenery, wave riding beaches, beaches with family friendly surf, sandy oasis, shady places, secret places and dedicated chill out beaches by a calm lapping ocean.

As they say “From coast to coast there’s no shortage of options for a lovely picnic by the sea! Whether you’re visiting for a day or few weeks, be sure to take the time to experience a beach picnic true Barbadian style! Popular picnic fare includes our much loved macaroni pie, fish, ham or cheese cutters, fried / baked chicken, etc, topped off with refreshing local beverages like mauby or an ice-cold snow cone! So pack a picnic lunch or grab some of these tasty local delicacies from a nearby restaurant or vendor, spread a blanket on the beautiful white sands or table cloth on the picnic benches provided and enjoy! At select beaches, you may also be able to rent beach chairs and large umbrellas if that’s your preference.”

Beach Map Island Trip Planner

The Page also has an interactive map showing where each beach is located so you can plan a day trip to see the sunrise at Bathsheba on the east – head of in any direction for a picnic on your preferred beach and swing by the west coast to see the sunset.

Source Best Picnic Beaches